The Indiana Fatherhood Coalition

The Indiana Fatherhood Coalition is a groups of organizations and individuals working to increase the role of men in the lives of children they care about. We do this through programming, fostering collaborations, publicizing any events of interest to Dads, and education – whether that is speaking to groups about the importance of fatherhood, sending information to Dads, or being an information resource for Dads.

The Importance of Fathers

Here are some stats on the effects of not having a father in the home.


of all high school dropouts come from homes without involved fathers. 9 times the national average.


of teen suicides come from homes without involved fathers. 5 times the national average.


of all runaways and homeless children are from homes without involved fathers. 32 times the national average.


of children with behavioral problems come from homes without involved fathers. 20 times the national average.


of all youths in prison come from homes without involved fathers. 20 times the national average.


of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from homes without involved fathers. 10 times the national average.

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Our partners are the driving force of this organization. They sit at the helm of the ship and steer us towards good decisions that make the Indiana Fatherhood Coalition better every day.

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