Engaging Dads, Promoting Fatherhood


The Indiana Fatherhood Coalition is a group of local and statewide organizations working to increase the involved role of men in the lives of children they care about. In some cases this may be fathers involved with their children; in other cases, it may be next door neighbors, uncles, stepfathers, grandparents – a significant male who helps out.

The Coalition achieves this goal in a number of ways:

  • Being an information portal – getting the word out to men about important ways to be even better fathers
  • Supporting events held by other organizations that promote our mission in any way possible – financially, logistically, or otherwise
  • Outreach programming
  • The Indiana Dads Expo

We invite you to join our Coalition, and support us by volunteering time or contributing financially. Together, we can get Dads more involved, and make a difference in the lives of children!

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