Avoid the Winter Break Doldrums

How to Keep Kids Busy Over the Holiday Season Yikes! Just when everyone was getting into the swing of the school year, all of a sudden it’s winter break. How can you make the most of your kids’ time at home and avoid hearing the “I’m bored” chorus? We are going to share a few […]

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Again and Again: Traditions Make Life Special

As the holidays approach, our senses are filled with heaping plates of decorated cookies, chilly trips to see the light displays, favorite holiday dishes on the table, an orange in the stocking, and so much more. Life during this special time is filled with traditions, big and small. But what’s in a tradition, and why […]

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Two carved jack-o-lanterns, one with a silly face and one with a scary face, are lit from the inside and sit on a shiny table against a darkened background. Their faces are reflected in the table.

Pumpkin Carving With Kids

Tips and Tricks for Finding and Carving the Best Pumpkins on the Block Do you remember pumpkin carving as a kid? Sitting on the floor, wrestling paring knives, scraping pumpkin guts and saving the seeds for a delicious snack? It’s one of the hallmarks of fall, the yearly pumpkin hunt and carving adventure. Well, it’s […]

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Communicating with Your Kids

One of the biggest keys to successful parenting is establishing and maintaining good communication. No matter how young or how old your child is, you can employ simple strategies to encourage conversation, listen actively and connect on their level. Pick your timing. We’ve all heard “pick your battles,” but when it comes to communication, picking […]

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Taming the School Year Chaos

How did it happen so fast? One minute everyone was playing outside and staying up too late, and the next minute they are back in the classroom. The first several weeks of back-to-school time can be a tough transition for the whole household, but you can make the most of it by being rested, establishing […]

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Road Trips 101

Tips for Keeping the Peace on Long Drives “I’m BORED!” “Are we there yet?” “I am soooooo hungry!” Do these phrases sound familiar coming from your back seat? Summer is underway, and with it comes extra car time. Whether you’re heading across the country or across the city, put these tips to use for an […]

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Little girl with pigtails looks at the camera while blowing bubbles

Summer Break Survival Tips

School is out, the sun is shining, and the kids are ready to enjoy all that summer has to offer. But as a parent, how do you weather the sudden transition to lunches at home, the bustle of activities, and the summertime classic, “I’m B-O-R-E-D?” The key is a combination of preparation and spontaneity, and […]

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Let’s Celebrate National Hamburger Month!

Fun and Easy Mini Burgers Recipe to Make With Your Kids Happy National Hamburger Month! Yep, it’s time to celebrate one of America’s favorite foods—the hamburger. The varieties are endless, from the simple classic on a sesame bun with ketchup, to exotic combos highlighting buffalo meat, pretzel buns, fried eggs, and baby greens. Whatever your […]

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Bring Spring In!

Create an Easy Windowsill Garden with Your Kids Spring is popping up everywhere in the outdoors, and now is the perfect time to start a windowsill garden. Kids of all ages love the planting, watering, and waiting that goes along with gardening, and we have some tips to help the process go as smoothly and […]

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Spring Break

Anticipating Spring Break Boredom?

Ease Your Kids’ Spring Fever With These Free, Family-friendly Indy Activities Spring break is right around the corner, and summer break isn’t too far behind. If you’re planning any family trips in these coming months, saving up some money might be top of your mind. Sticking to a budget can be a drag, but it […]

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