Keep Your Kids Healthy During Flu Season

5 Easy Ways to Keep the Germs at Bay The holidays may be over, but we’re still in the thick of winter…and flu season. If you’re a parent, you’ve probably noticed viruses like the flu can spread around schools and daycares like wildfire. With that in mind, we’ve assembled some tips on how to keep […]

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A hand-knit snowman with orange and yellow striped hat and scarf sits on a wooden table with blurry colored twinkle lights in the background

Home in Indy for the Holidays

Fun Wintertime Activities Your Kids Will Love December is here, and winter break is just around the corner. While the chilly weather and time off work might have you wanting to kick back and relax, we all know—with kids running around for two weeks—that just won’t happen. Are you already dreading the “I’m bored”s and […]

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Hands holding giving back

‘Tis the Season to Do Good Deeds

Teaching Kids to Give Back During the Holidays The holidays can be a magical time, especially for children. With so much focus on food and presents and holiday-themed entertainment, who’s to blame them for getting carried away in the more commercial aspects of the season? We’re all about that childlike wonder—the eyes that get big […]

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Girl Halloween Witch with basket and pumpkin

Trick or Treating on a Budget

5 Inexpensive DIY Costumes Your Kids Will Love Halloween is right around the corner, and with Halloween comes trick-or-treating! It’s always so fun to see all the kids out in their scary/pretty/funny costumes…but if you’re like most parents, you probably don’t want to shell out a lot of money for an outfit your child will […]

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Book with Pencil Shavings

How to Help With Homework

Tips for Minimizing Stress and Maximizing Success Do you dread schoolwork as much as your kids do? Sometimes it seems homework has become ridiculously complicated since we were kids…but no matter how we protest, it doesn’t stop our schoolagers from asking us for help. At some point, you’ve got to face it—whether you know how […]

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Two children dressed up as superheroes

Turn Your Back-to-School Worriers Into Back-to-School Warriors

There’s no way it could be August already…it just doesn’t seem possible! And yet, here we are. For most Indy kids, summer break is over and school either just started or will begin in a few short days. Back-to-school time can be hectic and stressful for the whole family. But do you have a child […]

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African Amercian Father with son and Grandfather playing basketball

Father Engagement Conference

The FREE 2017 Father Engagement Workshop at the Indiana Government Center South (302 W Washington) will be held on Monday, July 31st from 9-2. This workshop is designed for professionals who work with families – helping them to get Dads engaged and involved. There will be breakout sessions for areas of specific focus, like schools, general social workers, etc. […]

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African American boy having summertime fun

Fun, Family-Friendly Indy Activities for Cheap

There’s only a month left of summer break, but for a parent with school-aged children, those few weeks can seem like an eternity. If your kids are anything like ours, they’ve already made the shift from summertime excitement to full-fledged, whiny boredom. Luckily, Indy is full of fun, family-oriented, FREE (or very inexpensive) activities—many of […]

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Ethnic Father helping daughter on laptop

Helping Schools Get Dads Involved

The statistics are staggering-when dads are involved in their children’s lives, these children do much better at school! But getting dads involved can be difficult, and that’s where we can help. The Indiana Fatherhood Coalition currently works with over 25 schools in getting dads involved, and we love to help your school! For more information, […]

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