Engaging Dads, Promoting Fatherhood


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National Organizations

Fatherhood.org: Website of the National Fatherhood Initiative – tools and information for Dads including free Dads Tips for your inbox.

All Pro Dads: Want to get more involved with your school age child? All Pro Dads has a great website with information, and has programs in many locals schools. Get all the info here.

Local Organizations

Dads Inc.: As an independent and innovative voice in a rapidly expanding field, Dads Inc. has quickly become a nationally-recognized expert and leader in the field of fatherhood development and involvement.

Fathers and Families Center: Fathers and Families Center serves as a 501(c)(3) agency to enhance the capacity of young fathers to become responsible and involved parents, wage earners, and providers of child support. Major activities are centered on educational and employment advancement, parenting and basic life skills training, and support services assistance.

Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males: The mission of the Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males (ICSSBM) is to study the social conditions of the state’s black male population, develop strategies to remedy or assist in remedying serious adversities, and make recommendations to improve the educational, social, economic, employment, and other circumstances for Hoosiers. The Commission serves policymakers and public interest groups, as well as the media, community organizations and members of the general public.

Ivy Tech Community College: Ivy Tech Community College prepares Indiana residents to learn, live, and work in a diverse and globally competitive environment by delivering professional, technical, transfer, and lifelong education. Through its affordable, open-access education and training programs, the College enhances the development of Indiana’s citizens and communities and strengthens its economy.

Kids’ Voice of Indiana: At Kids’ Voice we protect children’s best interests through advocacy and education by providing our three programs: The Derelle Watson-Duvall Children’s Law Center of Indiana, the Supervised Parent-Child Visitation and the Bette J. Dick GAL for Kids Programs. Our unique programs are designed to offer legal education, training, and technical assistance exclusively for those on the front lines – people like you – who are involved daily in serving at-risk children and their families. We also provide hands-on services in the areas of representing children’s best interest and supervised visitation.

YMCA of Greater Indianapolis: We’re a gym, but we’re not just a gym. We’re a charity, but we’re not just a charity. We’re about families, but we’re also about singles, college students, new couples and empty-nesters. Above all, we’re about community.

Indiana Youth Institute: A great website for youth information in the community, and they have a fantastic section titled “Parent Involvement” with lots of links and information for parents generally and dads specifically.

Miscellaneous Resources

Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines: The newest update (March 2013) of the state guidelines.

Marion County Prosecutor’s Office: This office deals with child support – (317) 327-1800; 129 E. Market St., Indianapolis, IN


7 Tips On Talking To Your Children – from IMPD


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