The Indiana Fatherhood Coalition is a not for profit organization committed to increasing the role of men in the lives of children they care about. We are a group of organizations working together to realize this goal, because when this happens – when Dads are engaged in the lives of their children – the children are better off in every way.

What We Do

We provide resources for Dads

  • Connect dads with the services they need – whether it’s assistance with parenting time, job placement, overall counseling, etc.
  • Push information to dads via social media/e-newsletter

We help organizations that work with Dads/families

  • Speak to staff about the importance of father involvement
  • Provide free training on how to get Dads involved

We increase public awareness of the importance of father involvement

  • Speak to Rotary, Kiwanis, church groups, etc. throughout the state. 5-500 people; 15 minutes – 3 hours!

We deliver programs proven to help Dads be more involved in the lives of their children

  • Currently delivering father engagement programs in 20+ schools Pre-K through High School
  • Provide direct assistance in delivering these programs including:
  • Training of volunteers and staff (in some cases Train the Trainer)
  • Assistance in recruiting Dads to attend program
  • Assistance in recruiting Dads to attend program

We identify the needs of fathers and develop new programs/services to fill these needs

  • Currently working on programs for Teen Dads, Re-entry Dads, and Latino Dads


Jeff Newnam – Executive Director

Jeff Newnam is the Director of the Indiana Fatherhood Coalition. He is married with 4 children – 1 adopted son, 2 stepchildren, and 1 biological son. As Executive Director of IFC, he heads an organization made of over 20 groups committed to helping Dads get engaged in the lives of their children. He speaks around the state about fatherhood related issues, leads trainings to help get Dads more involved, and advocates for the rights of fathers.

Andrea Preston – Administrative Assistant

Andrea and her husband, Brian, have lived in Indianapolis for 19 years.  Andrea has worked in administrative positions in a number of settings during that time while raising 4 children who range in age from 12 to 18. Andrea joined the Indiana Fatherhood Coalition with a desire to further the mission of engaging Dads in the lives of their children. Andrea’s background includes a B.S. in Sociology and an M.S. in Counseling Psychology.  She enjoys reading, visits with good friends, and keeping a busy household running.

Brian Carter – Program Coordinator

Brian Carter is the Director of Dads Inc.  a support program for men and their families. Brian has directed Dads Inc. , a subsidiary of The Villages of Indiana of which he has been employed in various supervisory roles for 24 years. Brian also serves as Educator for Prevent Child Abuse Indiana. Brian is a member of The Indiana Fatherhood Coalition and facilitates All Pro Dad events throughout the city. Brian holds a bachelor degree of Social Work from IU. Brian also has a history of work in Juvenile Probation and detention.

Brian is a private contractor – teaching parenting – and a motivational speaker. He also has a mobile DeeJay business (Bloodwashed Productions) and directs a manhood ministry (Wisdomholders Ministries). Brian served as Youth Pastor of Overcoming Church for 10 years. Brian has been married to his wife, Gloria for 25 years and is the proud father of two adult sons. Brian’s passions are: serving the Indianapolis community at large and educating and comforting those in need.